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Digital Marketing Videos

Digital marketing videos are one of the most effective advertising mediums in the online marketplace. These videos can be displayed on social media pages, on your own website, or virtually anywhere else that you want to connect with your audience. 

However, far too many companies view the video production process as overwhelming because they are unfamiliar with the art of creating quality video content.

Fortunately, incorporating web videos into your digital marketing strategy can actually be quite simple when you partner with an experienced team like the Corporate Film Guys. Our experts have years of experience in the video production sector and have helped hundreds of clients build their brands.

Why You Need Video Production Services

Well, that’s enough about us; let’s talk about why video production services are integral to the success of your business in our digital marketplace. You should make web videos part of your overall marketing strategy because:

The Right Video Content That Enhances Your Website

Video Content Enhances Your Website

At the end of the day, every component of your website should be curated to provide site visitors with an enjoyable and informative browsing experience. What better way to do that than to integrate high-quality video content directly into your home page and other key segments of your website?

The right video can be key to generating buzz about your products, informing skeptical leads, and keeping your audience engaged enough to receive your marketing message.

Consumers Love Video

There is no question that the modern consumers’ preferred content medium is video. Unlike other types of marketing content, great videos are convenient, digestible, and just plain fun to watch. Meeting your consumers where they are is a vital component of effective marketing.

Great Videos That Consumers Will Love
Great Video Enhances Inbound Marketing

Video Enhances Inbound Marketing

Like most businesses, your company probably relies on inbound marketing to generate some portion of its sales. While inbound marketing can be a highly effective sales tactic, getting leads to visit your website is only half the battle — what they see when your URL loads onto their web browser can earn you a sale or cost you a deal.

If a customer is greeted by a bland, rigid website layout that is devoid of any dynamic content, the chances of converting that lead into a sale are low. Conversely, if the first thing they see is a professional-quality video with an exciting intro, they are going to want to stick around to see what other cool content they can discover on your page.

Benefits of Hiring Our Video Production Company

At the Corporate Film Guys, we know that you have plenty of options out there when choosing a video production partner. However, we also know that none of them offer our unique combination of experience, personalized video creation, and exceptional service from pre-planning to distribution.

The Corporate Film Guys have developed an exceptional reputation throughout the video marketing sector because:

We Take the Hassle Out of Digital Marketing

Far too often, the mere thought of creating a digital marketing video can be a source of stress for businesses. At the Corporate Film Guys, we are truly passionate about the video production process. 

As part of our effort to share our passion with our partners, we strive to take the hassle out of video production. So kick back, relax, and let us create a world-class video for your business.

We Have Years of Experience

That’s right, not only do we provide unparalleled service and a stress-free video creation experience, but our team is one of the most seasoned in the game. Combined, our core group has over seven decades of experience in the video production industry.

We Are Based in Orange County, California

Since our inception, the Corporate Film Guys have been based right here in Orange County, California. However, we proudly serve businesses throughout Southern California.

As a California-based business, we understand the unique challenges that SoCal organizations face when attempting to build their brands, connect with consumers, and fuel new growth. There is no market in the world that is quite like SoCal, which is why your business needs a local partner to help it create impactful video content.

To learn more about our web video services, we invite you to contact our team today.