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5 Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Your Video Content

How to Repurpose Video Content

When you first start making videos, it can seem fun – even easy. Over time, however, you’ll likely find that churning out content on a regular basis becomes increasingly difficult, whether it’s because you’re running out of fresh ideas or you’re simply running out of money.

Thankfully there’s another option that is both cost-effective and time-friendly: recycling and/or repurposing your existing video content. If you’re not sure quite where to begin with this, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Break longer videos into shorter, bite-sized snippets.

At one point, that 15 minute video tutorial may have made the most sense, but today it may either no longer be relevant or it simply hasn’t been utilized on all the available channels yet.

For instance, longer clips are fine for YouTube, but the average recommended length for a Facebook video is 1.3 minutes. Rather than coming up with new content, why not tap into your existing videos to create shorter, more optimized clips that can be used on other channels?

Repurpose your video transcripts.

While video is certainly considered one of the most compelling marketing tools, sometimes people prefer written content in certain situations. For example, someone in a crowded office or riding on a subway may not be able to engage with a video, but they can certainly read. Grab the transcription of one of your most popular videos and turn that information into a new blog post or maybe even a nice, shiny infographic.

Turn video content into audio gold.

Video content is ideal for creating podcasts, and boy do people love podcasts (in 2016, there were 57 million listeners in the US alone). That means not only will you reach a larger audience of potential leads, but you’ll also deliver content in a way that they find most useful.

In addition to viewers, your content can now reach people who are driving, jogging, working out and just going about their day to day lives.

Utilize your “cut” content.

Chances are you recorded your fair share of bloopers and outtakes when filming some of your videos. If they’re funny enough, you might be able to turn them into some valuable relationship marketing material. People love to see the faces behind the brands with which they do business. What better way to show them your human side than to share some of your vulnerable moments? It’ll make them laugh and endear them to you.

Add subtitles and re-share.

As mentioned above, there are many situations in which watching a video with audio isn’t ideal. To accommodate for this, take your transcriptions and turn them into subtitles. That way anyone viewing can follow along without having to actually turn up the sound. If you really want to get creative, consider including subtitles in various languages to reach a larger audience of multilingual viewers.

These are just five of the countless ways you can take existing video content and turn it into something new, fresh and engaging. Keep in mind, however, that not all videos are ideal for repurposing. Before taking on any video refresh project, make sure the content you are using is in line with what your audience is looking for and what your business goals happen to be.

If you could use some assistance setting up, planning or carrying out your next corporate video production project, give us a holler. We’d love to help!