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Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Video

Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Video

Dos and Don’ts of Corporate Video

A corporate video is about making a good impression, and the experts at the Corporate Film Guys know what it takes to make that impression stick.

A corporate video is a simple concept. It’s a video made specifically for a business. However, the idea becomes more complicated when you realize that everyone viewing a corporate video, from consumers to potential investors and competitors, scrutinizes its contents.

The term “corporate video” encompasses social media reels, promotional videos, commercials, testimonials, and more. Experts like those at the Corporate Film Guys understand that these videos play significant roles in a company’s success.

The following are tactics proven successful in the realm of corporate video as well as some of the most common mistakes.

The Dos of Corporate Video Production

It’s important to discuss the dos of corporate video production first because these will drive your video, and ultimately your business, to the top.

Create Your Mission

Every corporate video needs a goal, and that purpose should align with the company’s mission.

Common goals associated with corporate videos:

  • to generate social media engagement and new followers
  • to share information about the brand (also known as About Us videos)
  • to demonstrate how a product works
  • to introduce a product to market
  • to drive online purchases

Having a goal in mind when creating the video helps you stay focused throughout the process. It can also help you determine the video’s success once it goes live.

Understand the Audience

A critical element of the video-making process is to understand the target audience. Know what matters most to your audience and ensure that your message appeals to their desires. Customers and potential customers remain more engaged with videos relating to their concerns, values, and needs.

Make It Interesting

Advancements in technology have made fast-forwarding or skipping a corporate video easier than ever. The key is to keep the audience entertained from start to finish.

Storytelling is an effective way to engage an audience. You can do this by showing how your brand can positively impact customers’ lives, expressing how the brand is different from others, or displaying impressive product images to capture viewer attention.

Display Your Logo

Potential customers don’t know where to find your products or services if they don’t know where to look. Including the brand logo throughout the video or at the end as a concluding thought reminds customers who they want to contact.

A call to action (CTA) along with the logo can be even more effective in driving viewers toward your product, website, or brick-and-mortar location.

The Don’ts of Corporate Video Production

Unfortunately, not all corporate videos achieve success. However, many of the flaws consumers and potential consumers don’t like are well documented. Below are some of the most common mistakes made in corporate video production.

Don’t Be Like Everyone Else

Fitting in is not the name of the game with corporate video production. Following the competition makes companies look like copycats and often puts them in a second-class ranking.

Instead, focus on your company’s goals, inspiration, and uniqueness of your products or services.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

A low-quality ad gives the impression that the company is struggling financially or is unconcerned about making a good first impression.

Methods for keeping the corporate video quality high:

  • avoid low-quality graphics and logos
  • don’t use too many still images
  • use smooth cuts and camera pans
  • avoid flashing, strobing, or glitching graphics
  • avoid the infomercial ad style

Don’t Overuse On-Screen Text

On-screen text is necessary for many corporate videos. Businesses can no longer assume the audience is listening to audio while watching. Although, too much text can frustrate users and drop their attention. Use concise, legible wording that is easy to understand, and display it on the screen long enough for the majority of viewers to read.

The Corporate Film Guys is a full-service corporate video production company dedicated to helping your brand stand out in a market flooded with multimedia. Contact us via phone, email, or our online contact form to get started producing a video for your channel today.