You are currently viewing Interactive Videos: The Future of Engaging Your Audience

Interactive Videos: The Future of Engaging Your Audience

Interactive video

Interactive Videos: The Future of Engaging Your Audience

Video is integral to how brands connect, engage, and delight their audiences. As we continue moving toward digital transformation, using interactive video is no longer an option but a priority. 

What is an Interactive Video?

Interactive videos help engage the audience while directing them to perform an action. It’s a digital multimedia presentation that allows interaction beyond reading text or seeing pictures. One of interactive video’s most valuable elements is it’s trackable. You’ll be able to see how viewers relate to your content – or not.

There are different types of interactive videos, like responsive quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, click-and-explore hotspots, 360-degree views, or branched stories. They all have a different purpose, but the goal is the same.

Leveraging a Brand with Interactive Video

Companies who use interactive video get direct, immediate feedback to help understand how the market perceives their brand and what they can do better. Here are a few reasons why all brands should use them:

  • Engagement
    Interactive videos with built-in options where the viewers are doing something keep them engaged. With video being so popular, it’s easy to share, add comments, and vote on items you want answers to.
  • Content
    While engagement is excellent, interactive video helps the brand in creating content that stays top of mind with the viewers. Attaching meaningful actions to the content helps with comprehension and memory. 
  • Value
    Brands that provide value always have repeat viewers and people wanting to engage with their products and services. Although the brand provides value, it’s a two-way street because the person doing the interaction also provides value to the brand with their responses. This helps grow leads that turn into customers based on delivering what they want.
  • Conversion
    There’s nothing better than having engaged people who not only interact with your video but share and influence others to watch and engage too. Interactive videos get a lot of traction and usually convert faster than traditional content. The more people watch, the higher the chance of repeated conversions. 

Corporate Videos in Motion

Here are some examples of the different types of interactive videos and how they are used:

Neiman Marcus
This video shows clickable plus signs on the model and item. Once you click the arrow, it shows the item, the cost, and a shop now button. What’s even more remarkable is the suggested items that can complete the entire look.

Nike’s running video has a variety of clickable plus signs. One talks about the shoes, one introduces Cam Burrell, one introduces what he’s wearing, and more.

Estee Lauder
This video begins with one singer/songwriter speaking but has a shop now button in the bottom corner that takes you directly to the men’s fragrances being sold. There are two additional buttons on the main page to switch videos and engage with different speakers included in the campaign.

Corporate Trade Show Videos

Every frame in this video is interactive, allowing you to bypass areas to get to people who are just becoming familiar with the brand and those who already know Nespresso. Engaging and targeted, every click is a new experience.

This video starts with Brett, the expert. It then goes through various questions, asking you to tap on what’s most familiar to you. It takes you through all the steps of finding your perfect speaker system based on your answers, with different products listed to find out more.

Talent Recruitment/Orientation

This video takes new hires through the fundamentals of what Deloitte wants in its employees. With engaging interactivity, the person can decide what the employee in the video should do.

Working with the Right Team

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