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Video Marketing Trends in 2022

2022 is here, and video is going to be a critical part of any marketing campaign going forward. But video marketing trends are starting to look a lot different. A recent report from Cisco predicted that this year video will make up around 82% of all online traffic.

However, to take advantage of video’s power and get the most out of it, you need to know the top video marketing trends. In this article, we will explain them, and by the end, you will understand the best video marketing trends for 2022.

Here are the most popular video marketing tactics that are sure to see success in 2022:

User-Generated Content 

User-generated content has always been popular, but it’s seeing more of a surge now. Research has found that people trust this type of video over brand-generated content time and time again. You just can’t beat that authentic feel — even if it’s not truly user-generated.

A great way to get in on this trend is to reach out to a happy customer and make them an ambassador for your brand. They can create the video on their own social media page, and then you can share it too so it can get more exposure.

As time goes on, this type of content works to build trust and leads to more purchases down the road. However, keep in mind that you don’t want people to lie or make up things about your product. That will be easily sniffed out and could backfire.

Interactive Videos like AR, VR, and 360°

Interactive videos are a new trend that has seen quite an explosion in use since the pandemic. Museums and other cultural institutions used 360° and VR videos to let people experience their facilities while being locked down at home.

As the technology gets better and cheaper, it’s becoming a great tactic that marketers can use in their video marketing strategies. It allows you to create a unique, memorable experience. Also, with a powerhouse like Facebook (now Meta) behind it, it’s possible that AR and VR video will see even more use in the future.

The Return of the Silent Video

Before movies were “talkies,” silent film was the norm. And some 70 years later, it looks like we’re going back to this trend. There is some logic about what’s going on here.

For most platforms like Facebook, the default setting is to autoplay videos in your newsfeed without sound. In fact, Facebook itself found that audiences are more likely to get upset when there’s an unexpected sound from their phones.

So the key here is to optimize your videos so that they work with sound and without it. A good way is to creatively incorporate your message with visuals, or you can simply add written words to the video itself. 

Vlogs Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Vlogs have that personal touch that can’t be matched. You can connect with your audience, show off your brand’s personality, and reach levels of engagement you otherwise would miss out on. 

There’s no doubt that brands are lagging behind here as compared to influencers. Influencers have perfected this type of video, and we can learn a lot from them. In 2022, vlogs are a trend marketers need to keep an eye on.

Short Ads, Big Impact

Since YouTube shook up the advertising world by allowing six-second ads on their platform, they’ve seen immense success with them. The traditional 30-second ads are still here to stay. However, these are typically skippable after the first five seconds, and you run the risk of upsetting your audience if you make them long and unskippable.

Using short-form ads solves that problem. Before the skip button pops up, your complete ad has already been watched. While it can be challenging to get your message across in such a limited amount of time, it can be highly rewarding when done right.

Longer Content is Winning

On the end of the spectrum is long-form content. Though attention spans are undoubtedly shorter these days, people are still tuning in to watch 30+ minute videos. However, these tend to be more entertaining, informative, or educational videos that have a better chance of keeping the viewers’ eyes on the screen.

Vertical Videos Are on the Rise

It used to be that people would cringe and jump to the comments to berate people for uploading vertical videos. But since the rise of TikTok and Instagram Stories, vertical videos are making a strong comeback. And it all makes sense — our phones are held vertically most of the time, especially when scrolling through our feeds.

These seven trends are going to be important for any video marketing campaign going forward. Do you need a professional team to help you capitalize on them in 2022 and beyond? Then reach out to us at The Corporate Film Guys and we’ll gladly help you come up with a game plan.