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Tips for Choosing the Best Corporate Video Length

While the content of any video is the most critical part, picking the best corporate video length is just as important. Most marketers agree that around two minutes is the sweet spot. However, that’s only a general rule, and there are more factors that come into play when choosing the best length for your corporate video.

By the end of this article, you will know where the two-minute rule came from and how you should decide which minute (or second) mark your video should end.

Origins of the Two-Minute Rule

Wistia conducted research back in 2016 to determine how attention span affects content and video marketing. They found that roughly 70% of viewers stayed engaged up until the two-minute mark. 

From there, each minute loses about 5% of the audience until it plateaus around 50% lost at the seven-minute length. Retention would then fall below 50% after getting past the 13-minute mark.

It’s important to note that engagement is high between 0 to 120 seconds and that you still keep a significant number of eyes on your video even after 10 minutes.  

We should also point out that Wistia didn’t study how different platforms and audiences interacted with the content. This understanding will be the most important factor in deciding the best corporate video length. Now let’s go over the different social media platforms and the ideal length for each one.

Choosing Your Best Corporate Video Length Based on Platform

First, your video needs to be concise and to the point. It shouldn’t have any fluff, useless information, or shots that don’t add any value to your message.

The next step will be tailoring your video length to the platform where you choose to upload your video. This consideration plays the most important role in determining how long your video needs to be.

Here are the most common platforms to use and the perfect length for each:

Facebook (Meta) Ads — 15 to 90 seconds

Facebook ads give you access to the platform’s billions of users. While you can upload videos as long as Titanic, it’s recommended that you don’t. Facebook themselves suggest that videos be roughly 15 seconds or so for the most engagement. 

However, other companies and researchers have found that videos up to 90 seconds also produce great results. Just make sure all of the pertinent and juicy information is front-loaded into the first 10 to 15 seconds.

Instagram — 15 to 30 Seconds

Instagram limits your ads to 60 seconds, but research shows that 15 to 30 seconds is the golden spot for Instagram ads. Also, since Facebook also owns Instagram, ads you make for one platform can be easily repurposed and used on the other.

However, one thing to remember is that Instagram ads loop over again, so you can use that to your advantage and make a creative video that plays seamlessly. That’s an easy way to grab the attention of those users scrolling through.

Twitter — 6 to 20 Seconds

Twitter’s M.O. is all about getting quick thoughts out (remember the 140 character limit?) While you can upload ads that go on for up to a minute, Twitter and others say you should keep them under 30 seconds to get the most out of them.

TikTok — 16 Seconds

The new juggernaut of short-form content is TikTok, where videos under a minute get millions upon millions of views. Though they offer a 60-second maximum, studies of  TikTok’s top 100 videos and their engagement found that 16-second TikToks hit the sweet spot.

YouTube — 2 minutes

Yes, there are plenty of hour-long videos on YouTube that get millions of views. In fact, since YouTube covers such a wide variety of topics and niches, it’s difficult to pinpoint a length that works perfectly for every business and situation.

A professional YouTuber will tell you to aim for 10 to 15-minute videos but keep in mind they are hoping to generate money from their channel and ads. 

Your company likely has different goals. Most recommended corporate and B2B videos stick to the two-minute length. This format gives you plenty of time to make a connection, explain your product or service, and hopefully, snag a new customer.

Videos Hosted on Your Website — 2 to 15 minutes

Videos you post on your own platform and page give you a little more leeway when it comes to the best corporate video length. Generally, people coming to your page are presumably already interested in what you have to say.

That means you can take the time to fully explain and demonstrate your product or service. While the two-minute rule still applies — meaning engagement falls off after the first few minutes — you’re still going to have a significant portion of people who stay tuned.

Those are the most common platforms and their lengths. However, they can also be applied to other platforms like Snapchat. Need help nailing down the right length for your marketing plan? Then give us a shout. The Corporate Film Guys are here to help!